Introductory Course Outline

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We enable you to complete the first draft of a screenplay based on your idea and you will have a plan of how to take it to the next stage.

Week 1
Introductions & Genres
  • Student introductions
  • The ongoing evolution of genres
  • How you get involved by writing your story
Week 2
Characters & Structure
  • Developing Characters and finding the structure
  • Give birth to a plausible bank robber, monster or hero, with their story unfolding along traditional storytelling form
Week 3
Pitch Your Idea
  • Participant Pitches
  • Pitch as the first step to negotiation
  • Beat Sheet Briefing
Week 4
Rhythm and Heartbeat
  • Beat sheet walk through (TV: Episode structure)
  • Construct rhythms and the heartbeat of your story
  • Develop an awareness how much planning detail you need
  • Spot your peers’ achievement and challenges
Week 5
The First 10 Pages
  • Set- Up (TV: Characters)
  • Create a convincing setting for your story
  • Fish out of water: The water
  • Are theme and characters clear?
Week 6
The Next 10 Pages
  • Adventure (TV: Story World rules)
  • Exposing the problem: Your character’s need? Conflict?
  • Is every scene moving the story forward?
Week 7
The Third 10 Pages
  • Turning Point (TV: Sample scene of 10 pages)
  • SURPRISE!!! Or is it?
  • The threshold into the unfamiliar
  • Briefing – Who would you like to work with?
Week 8
Networking & Collaborators
  • Networking, Directors and Producers
  • Participants potential collaborators
  • Focus on the relevant industry decision makers and their work
  • Action Plan Briefing
Week 9
Student Action Plans
  • Tailored action plans for the next stages of your development
  • Finish asap, or have a think?
  • Who you need to talk to…

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