Claire Stevens

Script Writer, MA in Film
Raindance @ Staffordshire University

“Is there anything Carl does not know about film? Mentoring sessions were never dull – an abundance of information, affirmed with web links, to ensure my own work was explored fully and completed to where I wanted to be as a potential filmmaker. The Raindance programme with Captain Carl at the helm steered this old parrot to an MA distinction. His experience, commitment and genuine care were invaluable.”

Chris Mul

Astral (Netflix)

Carl was a meticulous course leader during the time he overlooked my academic work at Raindance. As an industry professional, his knowledge is extremely vast and has been helpful during my personal progression from student to industry professional. Carl is not only a recommendable asset in the film industry, but an individual I always consider when looking for feedback or assistance regarding new projects.

Jessica Smith

Two Line Terrors

Carl was my tutor and Program Leader in postgraduate study at Raindance. Without him I would never have gotten through the first part of my Masters degree. Carl is incredibly knowledgeable and always has a wealth of information to share. He has an exceptional gift for breaking down complicated ideas and imparting them in a clear and useful way – a must for educators and producers alike! I look forward to working with him again in any capacity. I know any project, academic or commercial, is safe in his hands.

Paul Reson

The Wayfaring Stranger

It was a hard decision to make to do the course because of the financial commitment I put myself in, but I’m so glad I did. Your industry involvement & experience and willingness to share the knowledge make the course what it is. All the presentations, talking and answering blunt questions have been invaluable. I’ve been seeing loads of stuff you’ve taught us in practice and it’s great! It really hits me in the real world how well the course can equip someone trying to get into the industry. I am still very much in debt to your fantastic course!